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Dad's Work Buddy

Sweet young Susie had to talk to her dad, so she went to the banquet hall where he and Joe were setting up for a wedding. Dad wasn't there, because he was out doing something for the boss.

Joe was there, though. He asked Susie why she wasn't at school, and Susie started crying. Joe's a nice guy with 7 kids of his own (to 4 different white women), so he sat Susie down to talk to her. The phone rang, and the boss told Joe that Susie's dad would be delayed by at least an hour. Joe didn't share that info. with Susie because he didn't want to upset her even more.

He listened  to her story about boys, dating, mean girls, and more, consoling Susie by holding her close to him as she rested her head on his chest. "Thanks for listening to me, Mr. Lawson." Joe told her "Anytime, baby. Just don't call me Mr. Lawson. Makes me feel old."

"You're not old," Susie told him. "Well, ain't you sweet, girl!" Joe said, running his finger on her tear-stained face. ""You're easy to be sweet with," she returned as Joe's black index finger touched her sweet young lips. Susie opened her mouth slightly, and Joe took that as a sign to move on her.

"Call me Joe, baby girl." "I can do that, Joe. I like being friends with you, and I feel better now than I did when I got here."

"Ima make you feel even better, lil girl" said Joe as he kissed Susie's sweet lips. Her mouth opened for him, and he knew he was home free -- and that he had almost an hour to give her more of Joe. After all, Susie was the one unbuttoning his shirt, feeling him up, moving against him. She was young, but she knew what she was doing, and he wasn't gonna pass on it.

"You're such a beautiful little girl, Susie."

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