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She doesn't care what her parent think.

The truth of the matter is that she never did. She was always rebellious, always fighting back, always pushing. She never really gave in to anyone until she met him. One look at him and she knew he could have her.

She loves his big, beautiful brown eyes and the way he touches her milky white body with his big brown hands. She loves his tattoos, his rings, and his sexy pierced ears. She loves the way he sags his jeans to show off his boxers. She loves the way his big, full lips feel on hers.

He loves to rub his hands all over her sexy white tits, and they feel extra good to him since he knows her mom and dad would hate him.

He knows she can't resist him when he sags, and that it's never long after that when her clothes start coming off. It makes him feel like The Man. His older brothers would approve.

He loves taking photos of the two of them together so they can share their love for each other on Facebook. His friends tell him how hot she is and that they'd like to get some of her. He just smiles. Of course, he also hears fro a lot of other white girls who tell him how fine he is.

He even got one of his friends to record them going at it. He loves the way she looks at him right before he slams his hard black cock into her tight pink pussy.

He loves to kiss her, because he feels her getting wetter every time he does, and that makes his dick throb even more.

He loves driving his big black cock into her pussy as hard as he can, using his round and phat black ass  to provide the push.

He loves knowing that his big black fuckpole stretches her tight pussy until she moans and whimpers, her eyes filling with tears because it hurts so good. He loves fucking her without a condom, feeling his hot black seed blast into her sexy white pussy. She loves it, too.

They'll watch the video after they're done fucking. Maybe he'll send a copy to her mother and father.

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