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Your New Boss

From the moment he interviewed you, you read all the signs correctly.

You heard rumors about Mr. Tay Adams, so you dressed just sexy enough. If they weren't true, you could pull back. If they were, you could give him more. When you saw him staring at your tits as you answered a question, you knew. That's when you crossed your legs to give him more leg.

And then you uncrossed your legs, making sure to keep them spread just a little. He just had to look, and you started to see fire in his eyes. You had to admit he was one sexy man. He dressed in a fine expensive suit, yet there was nothing delicate about him. In fact, he had a face that spelled Nigger.

When Mr. Adams licked his big thick black lips, you went for it, opening your legs even more. You were so glad you chose not to wear panties so he could see your shaved and perfect pussy. When you saw his hand dip below the desk , you knew his big black dick was throbbing.

He asked you one final question: "Just what can you offer this firm?"  You answered by showing him your big tits. When he stood up, his big black dick was waving proudly at you.

You got the job.

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